Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Maria Cimini

Greetings! As your Representative, I am honored you trust me to be your voice at the State House, where I promote the investment in education, infrastructure, workforce development, and environmental and social protections that our families and neighborhoods need to thrive.

 Working for you I’ve championed:

Programs aimed at work readiness and opportunities for career change employment training;

High educational standards with the supports needed for implementation in diverse communities;

Equality and opportunity for all members of society including our elderly, LGBT, ethnic  and racial minority, low-income, physically and developmentally disabled neighbors;

Protection of treasured natural resources for commerce and recreation.

Since being elected to the RI General Assembly in the fall of 2010, I have been working hard at the State House representing District 7 in Providence. I have brought myher passion for economic security and social justice to Smith Hill, giving voice to the hard working families of Mt. Pleasant, Elmhurst and Valley. In the House I serve on the Health, Education and Welfare committee; the Commission to Study the Affordability and Accessibility of Public Higher Education in Rhode Island as well as the Permanent Legislative Commission on Child Care.

I've been proud to serve this community and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.




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