Friday, April 18, 2014
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Maria Cimini
Representative Maria E. Cimini was elected to the RI General Assembly in the fall of 2010. Since that time she has been working hard at the State House representing District 7 in Providence. She has brought her passion for economic security and social justice to Smith Hill, giving voice to the hard working families of Mt. Pleasant, Elmhurst and Valley. In the House she serves on the Health, Education and Welfare committee; the Environment and Natural Resources committee; the Commission to Study the Affordability and Accessibility of Public Higher Education in Rhode Island as well as the Permanent Legislative Commission on Child Care.

In the community, Rep. Cimini was proud to cheer on the Cimini's softball team of Mt. Pleasant Little League and tee-ball team of Elmhurst Youth baseball. Each Sunday of the summer, she could be found volunteering and talking to neighbors at the Fargnoli Park farmer's market. Over the summer, Maria assisted with the distribution of backpacks to neighborhood children through the Back to School Celebration and honored centurions at Elmhurst Extended Care. This spring, with Senator Maryellen Goodwin, Maria assisted neighbors as they completed the paperwork for the Providence homestead exemption.

In her first term she was recommended by Speaker Fox to participate in the 2011 Emerging Leaders Program, sponsored by the State Legislative Leaders Foundation and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. Maria was selected as one of 50 participants for this prestigious program from a pool of over 200 nominees. She was thrilled to be able to meet legislators from across the country and continues to communicate with fellow participants allowing for inter-state collaboration. This June, Maria will be attending the National Conference of State Legislatures' seminar: Opportunities for Working Families in Tight Budget Times.

Maria is proud of her accomplishments in her first term and asks for your support and your vote to continue her work for the residents of Mt. Pleasant, Elmhurst and Valley.

About Maria

Maria Cimini is a lifelong Rhode Islander who, for many years has been serving her community through neighborhood volunteer activities, political activism, and professionally as a social worker. 

A graduate of Rhode Island College with a BA in Political Science, Maria‚Äôs community involvement began at an early age following the example of her parents.  Her mother, Liz, loves to vote and instilled in her a belief in the democratic process.  Her father, Joe, took her door to door for city council candidates when she was just six years old.

While working at South Providence Neighborhood Ministries, Maria obtained a Masters degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College with a focus on policy and organizing.

Currently, Maria coordinates the SNAP Outreach campaign for the State helping low-income Rhode Islanders to eat better and bringing over a million federal dollars to Rhode Island businesses each month.

Since becoming a homeowner in Elmhurst, Maria has become more involved in the local community volunteering with Elmhurst Clean and Green, attending meetings of the Friends of Elmhurst and supporting the Friends of the Mount Pleasant Community Library.


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